Promoting Fairness, Integrity and Professionalism in the Home Improvement Industry.

For the benefit of retailers and consumers.

A Better Way to Work With Homeowners.

Home improvements are expensive. Buying them should be fun and exciting, not fraught with fear of making a mistake or being pressured into buying the wrong product for too high a price.

The Home Improvement Sales Association exists to help consumers make informed choices and support companies in providing an excellent customer experience.

We believe in a Triple Win philosophy. 

The customer buys at a fair price.

The salesperson earns a reasonable wage.

The company earns a profit.

It should not be the case, that customers who do not know how to negotiate or do not have the time, pay more than they should, to subsidise buyers who are offered a lower price to pressure them into signing an order.

When companies commit to putting the customer first, everybody wins.

For too long the national companies have dominated the home improvement industry with inflated prices, false discounts and high pressure sales. Feedback sites are evidence that the industry and consumers are not doing enough to stand up to shady tactics and shoddy service.

Consumers are more connected than ever but disconnected as they become overwhelmed by social media and mountains of contradictory information. Only the high discount marketing stands out for them.

Products typically sold to Homeowners!




Orangeries and Extensions.


Doors and Windows.


Roofline and Insulation.


Garage Doors and Solar.




Fitted Furniture.


Kitchens and Bathrooms.


Bedrooms and Studys.


Blinds, Shutters and Curtains.


Conservatory Blinds.



This is for you if:

you believe in:

Fair and Transparent Pricing.

Happy Customers.

Honesty and Integrity.

Excellent Customer Experience.

and you want:

Support & Inspiration.

To See Change in the Industry.

Easy Access to Industry News and Trends.

Companies to Stop Flouting Trading Laws.

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